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Hello and welcome to Move with Grace. My name is Sue Kirkpatrick-Laird and I have been intrigued with movement of the body my whole life and love to move my body. For me that has been through an active sporting life, pilates and yoga.

I was taught the art of meditation many years ago to help manage a stressful time in my life and since then meditation has been a part of my everyday life. A number of personal life changing experiences raised my curiosity to delve deep into my own exploration on the meaning of life and to gain a better understanding of the human body. This I did through reading old yoga philosophy textbooks and spending many hours of self research studying anatomy journals.

I have experienced first hand the physical healing benefits of yoga and pilates by modifying these practices to assist in the rehabilitation of my body from two serious sporting injuries and overcoming a serious health condition.

You will find me teaching regular weekly classes at Gympie Yoga & Relaxation Centre and various schools, health and spiritual retreats within the district.

I thoroughly enjoy creating a safe and nurturing space for people to explore movement, to stretch, to truly relax and befriend their bodies and their life. It takes courage, kindness and love to step outside of the known into the unknown, to accept, release and let go.

Perhaps you may like to come and experience Move with Grace for yourself. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Wishing you peace in every moment. Sue

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“Experience movement of your body with awareness and grace.

Build strength, flexibility and stability.

Release your body with gentle stretching and supported postures to promote greater ease and range of movement.

Develop a deeper awareness of self.

Centre your focus to the present moment cultivating a greater sense of peace, calm, balance and clarity. “

Vitality Yoga

$17 per class
  • Monday 3.30pm – 5.10pm
  • Group class – no booking required
  • $17 per class or pre pay $140 for 10 classes
  • To attend Vitality Yoga classes it is advised students complete a Yoga Basics Course depending on prior yoga experience.

Yoga & Pilates

Thursday & Saturday
$15/$17 per class
  • Thursday 6.30am – 7.45am
  • Thursday 3.40pm – 5pm
  • Saturday 7am – 8.30am
  • Group class – no booking required
  • Thursdays $15 per class or pre pay $140 for 10 classes
  • Saturday $17 per class or pre pay $140 for 10 classes
  • To attend these classes it is advised students have some prior experience with Yoga or Pilates.

Gentle Yoga

Thursday & Saturday
$15/$17 per class
  • Thursday 1.30pm – 2.45pm
  • Saturday 9am – 10.30am
  • Group class – no booking required
  • Thursday $15 per class or pre pay $140 for 10 classes
  • Saturday $17 per class or pre pay $140 for 10 classes
  • Suitable for beginners or as a refresher

Breath & Core Awareness

$80 for 4 week course
  • Small intimate group of 4 people per course
  • Learn the fundamentals of core & breath for movement, strengthening and stretching and put these into practice.
  • Classes include 15 minutes relaxation
  • No prior experience required
  • $80 paid in advance – booking required
  • Contact Sue for next course

Sue Kirkpatrick-Laird YA_logo_finals_all
Phone 0439 338 449

  • Diploma of Contemporary Pilates & Teaching Methodology
  • Advanced Yoga Studies Certificate

All classes with Sue are held at Gympie Yoga & Relaxation Centre, 7 Alma Street, Gympie.

For timetable of all classes at Gympie Yoga & Relaxation Centre please visit


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