Yoga & Pilates

The human body is designed to move with ease and grace. Both yoga and pilates offer ways to achieve this in a safe, supportive environment.

Many people ask me “what is the difference between yoga and pilates?” This can have a complex answer as it depends upon the teacher and style of yoga or pilates.

The main focus during a pilates class is on strengthening and stabilising core postural muscles of the body during all movement. Classes incorporate a structured sequence of exercises with verbal cues offered for the timing of inhalation and exhalation for each exercise, assisting the mind-body connection during movement.

The principles underpinning pilates movement are: awareness, breath, balance, concentration, centre, control, efficiency, flow, precision, harmony. These words also ring true for yoga.

Along with movement and maintaining positions (asanas) for a period of time, yoga classes include meditation, breathing exercises and relaxation. Yoga nourishes your body, mind and spirit, builds strength, flexibility and stability. Yoga allows you to develop a deeper awareness of how you feel physically, energetically, mentally and emotionally. Yoga assists you to be in the present moment with your body and to carry this into your everyday life.

Yoga helps you achieve and maintain unity and harmony between body, mind and spirit.

Some of the classes I offer include a unique blended style of yoga, pilates and relaxation. You are welcome to come along and discover yoga, pilates and relaxation for yourself.


Yoga has a serious of postures called Asanas.

Warrior II – Virabhradrasana II

This a beautiful feeling posture to stretch and open the hip area, strengthen the legs, enhance concentration and to feel balanced and grounded.

Warrior II