Soul Mummas 1 Day Pamper Package

You are invited to join us at our second Soul Mummas Retreat on SATURDAY 9TH JUNE 2018

This Unique Pamper Package has been designed specifically for women who have a need to replenish their energy and deserve some R & R time.

Be taken on a guided journey with three leading women through yoga; food awareness; and happiness in a tranquil, picturesque location. Be treated with a holistic experience to feel:

* empowered

* clarity

* happy

* healthy

* nourished

* relaxed

* energised

* replenished

* renewed

‍‍‍Your guides are 3 empowering ‍‍‍heart-centred‍‍ women, whose intention is to Pamper you from the Inside Out and provide tips and tricks to incorporate in your everyday.

Registration opens at 8:30am and Retreat commences at 9:00am.

You will be invited to explore and share in:

* Breath Awareness, Movement and Relaxation

* Heightened Awareness of Your Effects of your Thoughts on your Self

* Eating with Awareness, Sugar Addiction, using Feminine Energy to Nourish your Body, Mind and Soul

* How to create good Happiness Habits, explore how Emotions affect you, Raise your current Happiness Levels

* A lovingly prepared morning tea and light lunch of fresh, locally sourced produce and home made healthy treats

This Retreat is uniquely designed for a small group limited to ten women, so book your ticket now. BOOKINGS HERE

Pampering Retreat Leaders:

Sue Kirkpatrick-Laird from Move with Grace

Mary Cull from Guided Coaching

Kylie Dean from Small Steps to Happiness

To find out more and RESERVE your place at the Retreat:


We hope you can join us!

Love & Blessings, Sue