There are transitions in yoga as you move from one posture to another. In fact, transitions apply to all aspects of life, and in actual fact, life in itself is a transition. As I write this article, in between moments of looking out the window watching the afternoon sun glistening on the leaves of trees dancing to the tune of a  gentle winter breeze, a major transition in my life is occurring. I have recently sold my house and 20 acres and will soon be moving to a different space, a new place that will become my home.

During this transition, although I know my future holds a wonderful adventure, there are times when I feel great trepidation of what’s to come. What do I do to ease this feeling? I bring my awareness to my breath and I breathe, helping to flow smoothly and gracefully with the task at hand. It is my regular yoga and breathing practices that help train my body and self to come to a sense of calmness and ease in times of uncertainty.

One could say, on some level, there will always be moments of uncertainty, hesitation, doubt and fear in our lives. It’s what we do with these feelings that can take our journey along different paths. Learning to create smooth transitions in you own yoga practice can help maintain a sense of calm and ease to transition smoothly and gracefully through  daily life and during life changing experiences. With just one breath you can change how you feel and how you transition. flower smaller for mwg