One of the many benefits of yoga is developing an awareness of the effects of stress in our lives, and the skills with which to manage them, therefore reducing mental and physical stress and tension. Yoga also promotes self care and mindfulness, is low impact, improves strength and flexibility and builds concentration.

Regular practice is known to bring improved health in mind and body, increased energy, well-being, productivity and morale. These benefits naturally extend from the individual participant to the work environment.

For some workplaces, especially office environments, there is a great need for  moving the body physically after experiencing long hours sitting at a desk. Some common complaints from office workers include sore lower back and tense shoulders. Yoga also helps move, strengthen and stretch the body and can improve posture.

Previously having worked in a corporate environment I appreciate how busy life can become and the benefits of incorporating yoga into a weekly routine and way of life.

I design class programs to suit individual workplaces. Classes can be run on an ongoing basis or for a one off period of time (eg. 6 to 8 weeks).

An example – weekly yoga and relaxation classes, one hour in duration. Classes style gentle in nature, suitable for every body and can be modified for different skill levels and abilities.

Requirements – a room large enough to accommodate participants, with each participant supplying their own yoga mat.

For costs and further details please contact Sue on 0439 338 449 or via email